5 Creative Things To Do With Your Child’s Artwork

Children are prolific creators. Leave them alone with a sketchbook and a box of color pencils, and they’ll fill the book with pictures in a few hours. But how’re you going to store all the artwork they’re creating? And this isn’t a phase – most children who demonstrate an artistic flair continue producing art well into adulthood. What you want to do is save their best works while encouraging them to explore more. Here are five creative things you can do with your child’s artwork instead of stuffing them into boxes or discarding them:

1) Frame the best pieces
Every once in a while your child may create something that is truly amazing. We suggest you frame these. You can either have a gallery wall for your kid’s nicest paintings and doodles or a huge noticeboard where they can pin their best works every few weeks.

2) Send to grandparents
Grandparents love anything their grandchildren make, therefore regularly mail them your children’s best paintings. Even better, ask your kids to sketch pictures specifically for their grandparents every now and then.

3) Use as gift-wrap
Children attend so many birthday parties. Instead of squandering money on wrapping paper that’ll be torn apart in a few seconds, wrap presents in your kid’s artwork. This will look quirky and act as a talking point for the young ones.

4) Buy Art T-shirts for kids
Why wait to send your children to design school before they start churning out designer pieces? Instead, print their art work on T-shirts, So that they can strut their stuff. They also make for unique party favors so consider buying art T-shirts for kids next time you host a birthday party at home.

5) Make a photo-book
If you don’t have space for storage, take photos of your child’s artwork and print them out into a book at the end of the year. This way, you can document their evolving style over the years.

Now go ahead and enjoy your child’s artwork in peace. Keep the best ones using the ideas above. If you’re interested in buying art T-shirt for kids, check out The Talking Canvas the one-stop place to print and buy kid’s art T-shirts online.

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