Art Class For Kids – A Skill Based Approach

Art Class For Kids

A Skill Based Approach

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Art and design have always been about skill-based learning; hence, it is vital to introduce it to all kids at an early age. Art classes are one of the best ways to do this. Art help Helping kids communicate, giving them confidence and giving them a sense of achievement. Children are fast learners, and art helps them activate their creative faculties early on in life.

Skill based learning is about using the knowledge acquired and applying the concepts in an individualist style. This is extremely essential to grow children to become thinkers and apply themselves in different situations. Good art classes for kids focus not just on teaching a concept but in helping kids bring their own personality into it. While children are creative and have great imagination, we still need to guide them to be able to bring that imagination onto paper. It is this process that most of us struggle with as adults and it’s nice to get kids to practice this early on through recognised art classes.

Skill-based learning is an exciting and fun way to motivate children to think creatively and analyse concepts with sound critical thinking. These are the benefits of skill based learning in art:

  • It sparks creativity by helping children approach a problem in different ways. Thinking creatively is not something all students are good with. Some of them need direction to generate ideas. Providing the right inputs to spark their creativity is important and this is what good art classes can do. 
  • Improves communication – Being able to understand how artists have communicated throughout history and how they can apply this to inspire their own work
  • Improves critical thinking – Art helps one to observe, reflect and analyse things around them. This develops independent thinking. Art also helps use the concepts, available resources, environment, problem etc and come to a reasonable conclusion. This is what critical thinking is all about! 
  • In addition, it gives children an outlet for self-expression and improves their self-esteem! We at The Talking Canvas ensure that our art classes encourage a wide range of skills, stimulates aesthetic awareness, builds concepts and provides a critical understanding of art. It provides opportunities for developing several skills but mainly independent perspective.

Art Of Mixed Media

The Art of Mixed Media Course in particular allows children to experiment with a range of media, materials, and techniques. This is an art class where kids will learn to draw a self-portrait with cubism as an inspiration, create a collage to communicate a concept, pointillism to get imaginative and draw on personal response, and finally a relatable art with inspiration from a famous artist. Developing movement skills and visual processing should become an integral part of your child’s growth in the formative years and its in-built into the course. These skills will later bloom into becoming a part of your child’s personality and future success. 

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