Boost Your Child’s Creativity With Innovative Art Boxes

Your little one comes up to you and shows the scribbled masterpiece they painted. 

You observe their smile and respond by patting their tiny back. Their little effort towards exploring new things makes you reminisce about your childhood.

Do you remember when you last picked up your paintbrush?

Or when you painted a canvas you were so proud of? 

You must be reminiscing how happy you were playing with brushes, paints and other stuff. It must have even brought a smile to your face. With responsibilities burdening up your sleeve, did your talent fade away?

If yes, you would not want the same for your child, right. You would want them to learn and grow into creative individuals.

As parents, we understand how creativity and imagination fade away with time. Inculcating creative thinking skills into toddlers enables them to explore the world around them. We need to help them explore the dimensions of their imagination. 

Technology and art supplies are two possible mediums to enhance their creative thinking skills. 

Let’s make this a fun activity for your kids. Arrange for the art supplies you wish to use. If you are short of some of them, you can buy an art box in India. Art boxes generally contain canvases, brushes, colours, and sheets for creating an art piece. You can have all supplies together in one box.

Now you may wonder where to start from. What creative activity can you help your child with building their imagination? Do not worry, we got your back. 

Here are some of the best activities to promote creative thinking in your toddler.

Cut & Glue 

Cut and glue activity is one of the most creative activities for kids. All you need is a pair of scissors, glue, white paper and colours. You can find all supplies in an art box in India. Ask the child to cut out different shapes. Do not give them sharp scissors; they might end up hurting themselves. Help them colour the shapes and paste them on the board. The activity will help your child to enhance their motor skills. You even get a memorable piece of art to cherish.

Finger Painting

We know how much you would enjoy doing this one. Finger painting is one of the easiest ways for boosting creativity. Yes, it gets messy, but your child will love playing with paints. Spread the sheets on the table, give them paint and let them do the rest. The activity will help your little one imagine what they can do with fingers dipped in paint on the sheets.

Abstract Painting

Most scribbles that children paint are creative compositions. The art does not have an accurate depiction but is fun for creative minds. Get a creative box for kids and let them paint whatever they wish to. Let them imagine the colours they can use to paint the canvas. The art that comes out is a piece of their growing imagination. Do not forget to hang the canvas on your living room wall!

Storytelling with animal patterns

Animal patterns are one of the best mediums to encourage a child to imagine and fantasize about shapes. Let them assemble the patterns the way they like. You can even narrate some stories as they create patterns of their choice. Story narration to a child helps them create their versions of the story. A creative box for kids contains animal patterns and animal storybooks. You can buy one for your kid and create amusing stories with them.

Sprout the inner talent of your kids. Let them explore, imagine and create. Hand them the canvas and let them walk the way to their art. The Talking Canvas is an online platform where we encourage the child to know their capabilities. We have creative art boxes and DIY art kits to let your child paint their imagination. Contact us to buy one for your bundle of joy.

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