Christmas Gifting Ideas For Kids

There’s nothing to beat the joy of waking up to shiny gift wrapped presents under the decked up tree on Christmas morning. This year, you can take the weight off your shoulder to find the perfect creative gifts for your favourite little ones. From hands-on Art Activity kits that allow them to do-it-themselves to a quirky collection of Art they can wear guarantees a very merry Christmas and a creative new year!

Here are our top 4 picks to Super Creative and Imaginative Christmas gifts for kids.

1. My Pet Project

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Age: 3+

Want to inspire a love for art and possibly product design? Who wouldn’t want to paint their own unicorns and dinosaur plush toys? ‘My Pet Project’ is a fun DIY activity kit for kids which turns stuffed toys into a canvas that lets your little one pour out their imagination, customize and create magic with his/her very own style, patterns and quirky colours and flaunt their master piece . You won’t believe what masterpiece comes out of your little one’s mind when they are handed a blank canvas of endless possibilities. It’s a gift that can not only engage your child but also boosts their creative thinking and even works their gross motor skills.
My Pet Project is perfect for gifting at birthdays, festivals and also makes great party return gifts for kids.

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2. Wear My Art DIY Kit


Age: 5 – 12 yrs
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Gift your future fashion designers this WearMyArt DIY Art Activity Kit and let them pour out their imagination in colours on their own t-shirts and have fun while making it! We love this activity as it helps kids recognise the possibilities of art with an added bonus of the end product being a precious wearable for themselves. It also makes for a fabulous family art activity.


3. TTC T-Shirts

Age: 2 – 12 yrs
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Any ordinary T-shirts may not spark any great fanfare, but add a cool original artwork by young fellow artists and you’ve got instant high fives! Shop from a wide range of bright, unique and comfy 100% cotton hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts . The TTC Apparel line makes for amazing creative gifts as they are” designed by kids for kids”

Want your child’s artwork to be considered for our future collection? You can now donate your child’s artwork to ‘The Talking Canvas’ team here:

If your child’s artwork gets picked up by us, your child will get featured on our site and We will also send you the apparel with the featured artwork for FREE!


4. Junior Monster Doodle Course

Age: 5-10 year old Junior Monsters!
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Although this one cannot be wrapped up in a box, here’s the perfect creative gift for those little ones in your family and friends circle who reside oceans apart from you. The course can be accessed from anywhere across the globe and is a 100 % pre-recorded online doodling course which means the little artists can access the course at any time at their own pace. This is possibly one of the few learning platforms which encourages kids to doodle their imagination and express themselves rather than being taught to copy and replicate a particular style. What better to gift children than the freedom of creative expression? In fact, we may even take it to the next level, by using the doodles submitted to us by our course attendees and imprinting their designs on our future collections! How inspiring is it for a child to see their work go places?

It’s time to crank up the Christmas tunes, and log onto to discover and gift some of the most brilliantly creative Christmas presents for kids this year.
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