Four Fall Fashion Trends Your Kids Will Love

The weather is getting chillier as days go by. It’s time to start packing away your kid’s summer clothes and make space in the wardrobe for winter wear. And while shopping for winter clothes, don’t just think utility; consider style too. Here we have the top four trends you’ll be seeing on the most stylish kids this season:

1) Highland chic

A bit unusual to see Scottish Highlands as the driving inspiration for Autumn-Winter 2018, but the popularity of country and Highland chic have much to do with the Windsor kids. Taking a page out of their style book, opt for trousers, jackets, and coats in tweeds with Herringbone and Hounds tooth patterns. These can be paired with formal shirts and dresses or cute funny kids T-shirts.

2) Stars, stripes and dots

Return to classics by dressing your tots in bottom wear with stars, stripes, and polka-dots. Pair these with original, full of character graphic T-shirts from Talking Canvas, designed by kids themselves!

3) Edgy urban

This just might be the most kid-friendly trend to pull off this season. Packed with distressed jeans, utilitarian padded jackets, sweatshirts, Camouflage prints and more, this trend is aimed at the adventurous city kid. The best part is that these edgy looks can be punctuated with bright graphic or funny kids T-shirts  Similarly, you’ll find hoodies in attractive colours with kid’s artworks on The Talking Canvas that’ll make your child stand out from the crowd!

4) Smart layering

Fluctuating weather is best suited for layered styles. Therefore, dress your kids in their favourite graphic T-shirt and then layer it with a full-sleeved hoodie. Similarly, use a sleeveless hoodie over a shirt instead of a sweater vest to keep them both warm and stylish!

Now that you’re armed with all this trend info, we suggest you hit the stores! You can stock up on kids T-shirts online on The Talking Canvas With a little bit of effort, your child will be the most stylish one on the block this winter!

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