Here’s Why You Should Paint With Your Toddler

Have you ever watched your little one having a blast with fingers dipped in paint? 

You notice the mess they’ve created with finger paint on the floor. But, the lovely smile melts all your heart and washes the anger away. Isn’t it how children learn? They fall and rise, unlearn and learn. 

You sit down with your kid to help them out. They show you their creative piece while they feel great joy at it. Even though the scribbled piece might not make any sense, you give a thumbs up to their creativity. 

“I am so proud of you.” 

Even a slight appreciation can make their day and encourage them to perform better. 

Nourishing creativity into your little one might make them the next great artist. It is also an integral part of exploration and self-expression. For children, it may be an entertaining activity. However, it also helps them develop mentally, socially and physically in their growing years.

If you’re thinking, could your toddler become an artist? You know they are developing the required skills but need a pathway for it. Enrolling in a kids online painting class enhances the pre-acquired art skills of children. Albeit, a painting class is not everything they require. In the initial stages, kids require assistance and guidance from adults to experiment and explore things. 

It may seem tempting to use objects, but first, let them explore the art of colour mixing. They may not know about all the art supplies they may have to use. Provide some basic art supplies and ask them to try developing an idea of their own. Let them try different paint brushes and explore what they can do with them. 

That’s how they will learn to make an independent play. 

Make the Most of Your Parenthood: Paint with your toddler.

We have already stressed why assistance is necessary with drawing lessons for kids. Children are not born with inbuilt skills. Parents need to find the right parenting style to inculcate skills for growth in their kids.

 You need to develop a connection with them in their early childhood. A parent should be their child’s best friend. If you become their best buddy, they will seek guidance from you. You will be their inspiration to perform better in life.

Painting is not just a joyous activity. It serves as a tool to help you make the most of your parenthood. You get to spend time with your toddler, play with them and make memories.

You might be thinking, why should I paint with my kid? Do not worry.

We have a list of reasons to convince you to paint with your little bundle of joy. (Even if you’re not good at it)

Painting for kindergarten kids

A Play Opportunity

Office or household work might keep you busy at times. But as you get to spend time with your kids, they gradually grow and learn. If you are looking for activities to keep your child engaged, painting comes to your rescue. Give them some paints and brushes. Expose them to the world of colours and let them walk with their imagination. It will help your child to be engaged and entertained. 

Sensory Development Activity

Painting helps build sensory development in kids. Your child can feel the touch of brush or paper when they hold them. It helps them feel as they touch. They develop a better understanding of  the things around them. You can assist them to have fun at it as they learn.

Develop Motor skills

Painting enhances the grasp of hands as they hold paints, brushes and paper. It is an activity that helps develop fine motor skills. You can assist your toddler in holding a paintbrush until they learn to do it independently. They get habituated to holding paper or practising their wrists.

Therapy to Calm the Mind

Painting calms the mind. Most therapists recommend painting as a calming activity for the soul. Shoulder drop, deep breaths, humming and shaking are therapeutic movements for the body. Play some soothing music and build an environment. You will see the change in your kid’s behaviour. You can thank us later for this!

We have given you plenty of reasons to paint with your toddler. However, we also remember you might not be an expert at it. You require external help to help your child master their skills. 

The Talking Canvas is here with kids online painting class for your little one. Our experts aim at providing a fun and enriching experience of painting to your toddlers. Enroll today for a fun ride!

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