Paintable Plush Toys Are The Best Friends Of Your Kids

Kids love playing with toys, especially plush toys. So, imagine the excitement when they are introduced to a DIY Stuffed toy painting kit! As kids, we have had plush toys as our friends, some even guarding us, as we snuggled with them and tried to fall asleep. These memories are so precious! We love creating products that help children make those childhood memories even more special with their own version of plush toys. We combined the love of plush toys and DIY art activities, to create a super fun painting kit called My Pet Project. 

My Pet Project comes in two variations, a unicorn and a dinosaur. Unicorn art and craft kits are quite the rage amongst young girls and dinosaurs are a rage amongst young boys. We don’t prefer to gender-ise our products and would love both boys and girls playing with these toys. Children love art activities which are unique and different. Creating your own version of a unicorn using the unicorn art and craft kit is quite special! 

These DIY stuffed toy painting kit is perfect for kids’ parties or as an individual art activity for 4+ year old kids. It can get a bit messy but mess is good for kids. Don’t forget to use a lot of newspapers around before getting them started on this activity.  The kit comes with everything required to create a piece of art. Kids can start with jotting their design ideas on the practice sheet provided. This is a very important first step in observation and visualization. Once they have a clear idea of what they want to design, they can get started with their chosen pet! 

Kids can simply paint doodles or patterns on the plush toy by mixing colors which come with the kit. The color mixing guide will teach them more about color mixing and they can create a who range of colors with it. Give them some rag cloth or wet wipes to clean up excess paints. It is super fun for adults to help them with this activity and see how they go about creating their version of the plush toy. So, go ahead and involve yourself too! 

Once done, the children will be thrilled with the outcome. They will want to play with it right away, but please leave them out to dry first. Fabric paints will take some time to dry depending on the thickness of the application. These kits are so fun, enjoyable and engaging for kids. You will be thrilled to see their happy and proud faces as they show off their new toy to everyone around. 

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