Parenting Tips 101

Motherhood is a full time job and probably the only job with a 100% satisfaction rate. But like every other job, motherhood comes with its own set of challenges. Whether you are a first time mom or a proud mommy of more than just one, here are a few parenting tips that will help you bond better with your child.

Be a Good Listener:
Understanding what goes on in the mind of your child is extremely important to mould them into the best version of themselves.
Make it a habit to sit them down and listen to them with undivided attention. Giving your child the opportunity to express their feelings, fears, anxieties and doubts gives them the confidence to confide in you, feel safe and be more open about their feelings.

Be a good role model:
As a parent, you are your child’s first role model. A child may learn less from what you say but learns more from what you do.
Your child will look up to you no matter what and subconsciously mimic you while picking up your traits. Thus it is a good idea to be mindful of the language used around your child, body language and manners.

Be a Nurturer:
Spend quality time with your child by picking fun activities that nurture their talents. Pick kids art activities that will not only nurture the artist in them, but will boost their confidence and help you bond better. Make use of your child’s artwork by trying activities like designing their own T-Shirt with The Talking Canvas.

Be appreciative:
An underestimated trait of positive parenting is being more appreciative and less condemning. Instead of telling your child what not to do, try telling them what to do and reward them for their good deeds. This approach is not only positive but is ideal to make a better impact in the long run.

Be Patient:
Assure yourself that good things take time. It may look like it takes a lot of effort but taking baby steps already prove you are a great parent. The journey all fun and frolic, just make sure you cherish every moment with your little one and have fun. Your little bundle of joy deserves all your love!

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