Shapes Around Us – Circles

Circle is one of the most important shapes as it has a relevance in almost every sphere of life. For instance our eye balls are circular, the planets, sun and moon take circular shapes and so on. Circle is used to design gears in machines, wheels in automobiles and also buildings to name a few.

In this post, I am going to demonstrate how to draw a few sea animals using the circle shape. To make this a fun activity, we first decided to hunt for a few circular objects at home and collected them to make our drawing.

We then practiced tracing a circle using some of these objects.

Now comes the fun part, we can draw a few sea animals using these circles!


As you can see, for the jelly fish, we have used only a semi-circle as the body of the jelly fish. You can then draw eyes and tentacles. To draw the octopus, draw a full circle first and then erase a small portion of the circle on the bottom part. Use this space to draw the tentacles. The turtle is drawn using one big circle for the body and a small circle for the head. We also used circles to create patterns on the shell. Lastly add the eyes, legs and tail.

To add more colour to the doodle, we decided to use 2 circular sponge stamp to make the ocean. If you don’t have sponge you can use a potato cut info half or a tissue roll cardboard as well. We made circular stamps of blue paint on the paper to create the ocean. You can use a marker pen to highlight your doodle.


And voila, here is the completed version. Take inspiration from this blog and send us your kids drawings doodles for our “Water is Life” doodle contest.


About the author:

Suchitra is a full time mom to a naughty little 6 year old boy. After having worked for a decade in the IT industry, she now devotes her free time to her childhood passion of art and crafts. She loves reading and doing crafts with her son. She also enjoys cooking, travelling and exploring new cultures.

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