Shying Away From Art? It Is Time You Pick It Up!

As adults, most of us hesitate to create with our hands, brushing it off and presuming that we aren’t ‘creative enough’.
This is often because of the belief that art is for artists- people who have mastered it, and also because we feel like as adults, we have already excelled at something and therefore we shy away from everything else.
Are you one of those people who believe so? Well, it is time you surprise yourself!

Down The Memory Lane

Take a trip back to your childhood where doodling, coloring and making crafts was your favorite activity. Remember how we all filled the back pages of our notebooks with random sketches and illustrations to survive a boring lecture?
If “making art is for the masters” did not hold true then, why now?
If you’re still not convinced, let us give you a few practical reasons why you should be.

Art Is Good For You

  1. One of the many reasons why grown-ups, senior citizens and even adolescents for that matter feel upset, anxious and stressed is because as they grow up, they fail to express their feelings and emotions. Art can act as a medium of expression and thus have therapeutic effects.
  2. Creating art on a regular basis improves your creativity. This newfound creativity can prove to be a very handy tool at your workplace, for who does not appreciate new ways of doing the same old thing? Especially in the digital era, where visualization, design and creative problem solving are the most sought-after skills, creativity is the new soft skill.
  3. Random doodling and coloring here and there will keep the child in you alive and thriving!
  4. Art is said to improve memory retention, which again serves individuals of all age groups, especially senior citizens. Their age makes it difficult for them to remember details. Art as therapy not only enhances their memory but also helps reduce stress.

We understand that adulthood brings with it a certain set of responsibilities where taking time out to make art may seem like a challenge.
However, the process of taking it up itself shouldn’t seem like a challenge!

Presenting- Some Fun Ways To Start Art

  1. Take a pair of dice and roll them together. Add the numbers you get and create for that given number of times each day. It does not matter how big or small and good or bad the art piece turns out to be. Even stick figures are acceptable!
  2. Grab a set of ice cream sticks and write the numbers 5, 10, 15, 21 and 30 on them. Turn them to face you and ask someone to pick one for you. Challenge yourself to make art daily for those many days and try to stick to it.
  3. Get your kids involved on weekends so you have a family activity to do together. It will make the experience twice as fun.
  4. Start using mind mapping or doodling as a way to take down important notes. You will notice that you are remembering details pretty well.

In an age where one should live a carefree life filled with colours and joy, quite a few kids are being forced to give up on their childhood and often find employment early. However, art is for them, too.
We, as a society, can support and let art reach these kids and give them their much-deserved childhood. You can do this by sponsoring an art class or conducting one. If you cannot make time for it, you could always fund NGOs that focus on this aspect instead.
One small step can bring about a major change in the entire community that comprises the future. Read more about what we’re doing and how you can help here.

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