Six Craft Projects To Do With Your Child

All parents dream of spending quality time with their children. An easy way to do this is by doing craft projects together. Here are six craft ideas for kids that you’ll enjoy just as much as they do:

1) Paint rocks

Paint small pebbles or rounded river stones together with your little ones. These make for unique paperweights and keepsakes. Just make sure you use acrylic paints.

2) Create collages

If your child is very fond of playing with glue, use it to your advantage and invite them to a session of collage-making. You can cut out the images in advance and both of you can glue them onto chart paper. Even better, frame the final creation.

3) Block prints

Kids love block printing. Either you can use potatoes for blocks and carve your designs on them, or opt for store-bought blocks. Similarly, you can use leaves and other textured objects like vegetables and Lego bricks for printing on paper of fabric for a delightful session.

4) Tie-dyed T-shirts

If you’re familiar with the dyeing process, you can get your kids involved too by dyeing their old T-shirts! On the other hand, tie-dye novices can opt for tie-dye kits. Just ensure you have enough space to make a mess because it’s going to get messy for sure!

5) Embellished T-shirts

Is your child a budding fashion designer? Then how about embellishing T-shirts and denim jackets with rhinestones together? Alternatively, glue on shapes cut out in felt fabric or sequins.

6) Create artwork for The Talking Canvas

If your child loves creating artwork, both of you can brainstorm ideas for possible graphics on T-shirts and you child can execute it. You can then submit them to The Talking Canvas. If accepted, your child will have a one of a kind T-shirt they helped design!

We hope you liked the six craft project ideas given above. This weekend, make some time to explore at least one of them. We guarantee you’ll both have a blast!

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