Sure-Shot Way To Improve Your Child’s Creativity: Doodling

Looking for a fun and easy way to improve your child’s creativity? Doodling is the answer! Learn the benefits of doodling and how to encourage your child to doodle in this article.

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Creativity is an essential skill that every child should develop, and there are various ways to nurture and enhance it. Doodling is a simple, fun, and effective way to boost your child’s creativity. Doodling means drawing or scribbling on paper or any other surface without any specific purpose or outcome in mind. It may seem like a waste of time or activity with no real value, but have numerous benefits for your child’s development.

This article will explore the sure-shot way to improve your child’s creativity: Doodling. We will discuss the benefits of doodling, how to encourage your child to doodle, and some common misconceptions about doodling. So, let’s get started!

Benefits of Doodling:

Doodling’s benefits are not limited to just being a pastime, as it can actually play a significant role in enhancing your child’s creativity. Here are some of the ways doodling can enhance your child’s creativity:

1. Improves Hand-Eye Coordination: 

Doodling involves using both hands and eyes simultaneously, which enriches your child’s hand-eye coordination.

2. Enhances Focus and Concentration: 

Doodling can help your child focus and concentrate better by providing a meditative and calming effect, positively impacting creativity.

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3. Encourages Self-Expression: 

Doodling provides a safe and non-judgmental space for your child to express themselves creatively.

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4. Boosts Imagination: 

Doodling can inspire and stimulate your child’s imagination, leading to more creative thinking.

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5. Develops Fine Motor Skills: 

Doodling involves precise and controlled movements, which can help your child develop fine motor skills.

Encouraging Your Child to Doodle:

Now that you know the benefits of doodling, you may wonder how to encourage your child to doodle. Here are some tips to get your child started with doodling:

1. Buy a Doodle Kit with prompts for guided learning: 

The proven way to get your child’s creative juices flowing is by providing the resources developed specifically for the purpose. Prompts in doodle books inspire creativity by giving your child a starting point for their art. They can be a word, phrase, question, or image that encourages them to think outside the box and devise unique ideas. Doodle books with prompts are great for kids for enjoying drawing or creative expressions, overcoming creative block, and even challenging themselves to try new things. My Book of Crazy Doodles does this task excellently by providing various prompts to choose from and providing choices to explore different themes, styles, and techniques to create a wide range of doodles and artworks.

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2. Provide Materials: 

You should make sure your child has access to various drawing materials such as paper, pens, pencils, crayons, markers, and paint. Consider Doodle Kits that provide sets of all required stationary along with Doodle Books.

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3. Take a Doodle Course: 

A Doodle course can help your child transform their imagination onto paper. When learning how to doodle, creativity starts to unfold naturally and the numerous benefits of Doodling become a habit. Such courses follow structured approaches towards guided learning, helping your children express their thoughts & ideas through art.

4. Create a Doodle Space: 

Set up a designated doodle space for your child, whether a small desk or a corner of a room.

5. Set No Rules: 

Encourage your child to doodle freely without specific guidelines or rules. Let them explore their creativity and express themselves freely.

6. Lead by Example: 

Show your child that doodling can be a fun and relaxing activity by doodling together with them.

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Common Misconceptions About Doodling:

Some common misapprehensions about doodling may prevent you from encouraging your child to doodle. Let’s debunk these myths:

1. Doodling is a Waste of Time: 

Doodling is not a waste of time. It can help your child develop essential skills such as focus, concentration, and creativity.

2. Doodling is a Sign of Distraction: 

Doodling can help your child focus and concentrate better by providing a calming and meditative effect.

3. Doodling is Only for Artistic Children:

Doodling is for everyone, not just for children with artistic skills. It can help anyone improve their creativity and develop essential skills.


1. Is doodling only for young children?

No, doodling is for everyone, regardless of age. Even adults can benefit from doodling.

2. Can doodling help with learning?

Yes, doodling can help with learning by improving focus, concentration, and memory retention. Some studies have shown that doodling can enhance learning by engaging different areas of the brain and keeping the mind from wandering.

3. Should I discourage my child from doodling during class?

Not necessarily. While your child needs to pay attention in class, doodling can help them concentrate better. If your child is struggling to pay attention, encourage them to doodle discreetly and in a way that doesn’t disrupt the class.


Doodling is a simple and fun way to boost your child’s creativity and enhance their development. By encouraging your child to doodle, you can help them improve their fine motor skills, focus, concentration, imagination, and self-expression. Remember to provide your child with drawing materials, create a doodle space, set no rules, and lead by example. Don’t let common misconceptions about doodling hold you back from nurturing your child’s creativity. Try the sure-shot way to improve your child’s creativity: doodling, and watch them thrive.

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