Water Colouring Tips And Techniques For Kids And Beginners

Watercolour sure seems intimidating for beginners, even for experienced artists, watercolours can be challenging. When it comes to becoming a talented painter, an artist must learn all the tricks and techniques. Well, many kids wish to learn how to handle watercolours to become pro at it by the time they hit teenage. It may seem quite unnecessary to some but it really helps kids to learn, develop creative skills while having fun.

Now, it is essential for an artist to have the right tools handy in the toolkit in order to get results that will make you happy. You need to have quality art materials because poor quality material may not work and will simply waste your time causing extreme frustration. It is important to have quality papers that are ideal for watercolours because the normal paper is not proper for paint mix. You can enroll your little one for a kid’s online painting class at The Talking Canvas. 

The following are some of the techniques that are perfect for kids and beginners…


There are certain ways to paint beautifully using watercolour. This wet-on-wet method is actually one of the popular methods that are used for painting landscapes, soft watercolours, and simple skies to have an amazing effect. Applying the colours using the right texture and flowing look by adding wet paint on a wet surface. Conducting warm-up activities help kids understand how watercolour really works and all the ways to create a beautifully unique landscape.

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Another method that you may want to try is wet-on-dry is used for achieving precise and defined looks. This technique is liked by many, the illustration-style watercolour that can be achieved by applying wet paint on a dry surface. The results will amuse you.


This particular method helps one learn how to make beautiful shade using saturated paint mix. Little ones love the activity of using one colour to get different values creating a beautiful picture with seamless effect.


It is important for kids to learn this simple way to paint around the edges of the shape. It is a great way to learn to control your hand. Painting simple shapes around the dry piece such as the moon, stars, hearts, and more.


This technique is quite similar to building up the right colour however you use plain water and a different amount of one colour. If you wish to create gradients on your art, you must begin working with two colours and transition from one to the other slowly. This technique is ideal for creating beautiful sunsets and skies.

Now that we know all the techniques ideal for beginners, you can sign up for online watercolour painting lessons at The Talking Canvas. To know more you can browse our programs designed for kids.

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