What Is Your Colour Personality? Science-Backed Reasons Why You’re More Blue Than Gold

Do you know that colours define personalities? Your choice and preferences in colours say a lot about what kind of a person you are, including your passions, needs, wants, expectations, reactions and so on. The colours you pick to wear, decorate your room, drive in – all tell a tale.
When a colour reaches the retina of the eye, it simulates reactions in your brain which in turn makes you feel a certain way. Ever experienced the warmth of an orange-yellow sunset or felt at peace watching the calming blue waves of an ocean?
Colours and art complement each other for it is through colours that emotion is filled in a piece of art. For instance, the colour blue is used to symbolise melancholy or loneliness. A combination of warm and cool colours is used to depict chaos and noise. Not just artists but designers also swear by the colour theory to create great logos and other advertisement tools to strike a chord in their customer’s hearts.
Let’s explore what colours mean to our psyche.

  1. Red: The most commonly found and one that most people associate with on one level or another is the colour red. Red exhibits passion, energy, enthusiasm, anger and all things strong. Mostly positive, this colour has a powerful aura to it, portraying qualities of leadership. Are you the kind of person who is always eager to jump into action or is driven by passion? Are you always willing to take charge of situations? Your colour is probably red.
  2. Orange: Orange is the colour of socialising and represents an extrovert nature. People who love orange tend to communicate and interact more with their peers, colleagues or for that matter public in general. The colour orange radiates warmth. Because of its out-going nature, this colour also has an empathetic side to it which offers comfort, support and emotional strength. It also stimulates hunger and relates to appetite which is probably why you will find it often in restaurant décor.
  3. Yellow: Yellow is again a very cheerful and happy-go-lucky colour. It is all things happy and illuminating. But, that is not it about this bright colour! Yellow is also a colour that relates to intellect, thought and inquisitiveness. People who like yellow are said to be more of the practical kind than the dreamy kind and are also very self-reliant.

That is about the most prominent warm colours. Let us have a look at some cool colours now. Perhaps this is where you’ll find your colour match.

  1. Blue: Blue is the colour of tranquillity, loyalty and trust. People with this colour as their personality tend to be sincere and responsible. They don’t like to be in the spotlight or draw attention to themselves. Instead, they prefer being very quiet and calm. This is a very smooth and peaceful colour which is why it is often associated with meditation, yoga and spiritualism.
  2. Green: Green is a very positive colour indicating balance, harmony and growth. It is the colour nearest to nature. This colour is associated with balance because unlike other colours influencing either the brain or heart, green tends to maintain an equilibrium between both. It is related to counselling, charity, social service and everything helpful.

Are you the kind of person who does not jump to conclusions and instead weighs both sides? Are you a very stable person who has a soft corner for needy sections of the society? Your spirit colour is probably green.

  1. Purple: Purple people tend to be very creative. They live in a world of their imagination where anything and everything is possible. They have an artistic view of life and love creating stuff. This colour has the highest vibrations and allows an individual to reflect into his/her deepest thoughts. It is also a spiritual colour and relates to expanding awareness and consciousness. This colour is devoid of ego and spreads unconditional, selfless love.

What is the most dominant colour in your wardrobe? Which would be your go-to colour if you had a white sheet of paper to work on? Think about how your colour preferences also change with time. What you liked as a child or now for your child and what you like for yourself may be very different!
Here at The Talking Canvas, we’re mostly purples with shades of red and green. Which colour are you? Share with us in the comments below!

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