What Is Your Kids’ Spirit Animal?

Animals are symbols of compassion, friendship, trust and love. Spirit Animals, otherwise known as Totem Animals, in many cultures are believed to provide hope and support during difficult times. They are a spiritual embodiment of human nature in various forms. Does your child like drawing animals? If yes, then you have found the perfect spot to buy Animal T-shirts online for your kids. Find your kids’ favourite animal pick out the funny animal T-shirt of your kids’ choice from The Talking Canvas.

 The Majestic Cat


Be it the ferocious wild cat or the whimsical cat at home, cats have intrigued the human mind for centuries altogether. Their playful, yet composed mannerisms make them one of the most fascinating creatures on earth. If your child is a fan of these fluff-balls, then you need to get a Cat T-shirt for your kids right away. Enhance your child’s imagination while they rule over their cute little worlds like these majestic creatures.

The Intelligent Elephant

Elephants are recognised to be the most intelligent creatures on earth. Their calm and composed nature in contrast to their magnanimous size add to their captivating aura. Gift an elephant T-shirt to your child and inspire them to learn from the goodness and composure of wildlife and nature. Animals are representations of the beauty and marvels of nature and are sure to thrill your children.

The Marvellous Giraffe

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Nothing embodies nature’s wonder better than that of giraffes. These wonderful creatures with the extraordinary length of their necks have been an inspiration for varied cartoon characters and comic books. They are indeed marvellous because their to help them serve their dietary needs as their principle source of food is the thorny acacia tree and also to add to the fascination, their saliva protect them from thorns. Is your kid a fighter with a sharp mind and adaptive nature? If yes, then you child will absolutely love these giraffe T-shirts.

The Hard-Working Spider


Do spiders scare you and your kids? These creatures can be quite intriguing despite their reputation in households. They are known to be one of the most hard-working insects due to the intricate webs created by them in order to trap prey. These crafty creatures are quite often been subjects of your kids’ creativity. Reward your child’s hard-work by gifting these cute and not-so-scary spider T-shirts for them.

The Essential Bee

Did you know that food would run out in this world of bees went extinct. These moody and diligent insects are the foremost pollinators of nature and are also the source of much-savoured honey. Gift a sweet bee T-shirt to your kids because the children now are the future of the nature tomorrow. Inspire your kids to learn from their surroundings because this is the prime age for learning.

The Mysterious Dinosaur


These prehistoric creatures have been subjects of fascination for the past 3 centuries. Hence, they are always fascinating subjects for the curious little minds of the kids. Kids reimagine dinosaurs and give add and aura to them with their own bunch of stories and representations in art. Gift a dinosaur T-shirt to your curious child and watch their faces light up with excitement.

Encourage the various personalities and interests of your little child by buying these Animal T-shirts for Boys and Girls from The Talking Canvas. You can also turn their pieces of art into apparel only on The Talking Canvas because we believe that your child’s art showcase beauties that are often missed by us

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