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Talking Canvas

Bird Explorer DIY Art Kit

Bird Explorer DIY Art Kit

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The Talking Canvas brings paint, craft, and learn your Birds Explorer- DIY art/craft kit for kids, 5 years and above. The non-toxic, environment-friendly Art/ Craft Kit is an ideal gift for little wizards.

    This box contains:

  • MDF Bird House 8 panels
  • Spiral Bird Journal-1pc
  • Primary colors-4bottles
  • Paintbrush-1pc
  • Palette-1pc
  • Instructions
Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 3.2 × 4.33 × 1.5 cm
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Bird Explorer DIY Art Kit

Bird Explorer is an art activity which can be enjoyed by kids of all age groups. We have designed this creative box to build curiosity and creativity through art based learning.

Easy Set up : Everything required for this activity is provided, so kids just have to open the kit and start the design activity
Engaging : Kids can have fun assembling, painting, decorating and learning everything about birds.
Learning: The Birding Journal has over 10 activities with over 20 pages of journalling. This book will enable observation and journalling skills in young kids.

Bird Explorer Kit

This fun art and craft DIY kit for kids is a perfect gift for young creative minds. Are you planning to surprise your kids with a unique and stimulating play kit? Your search ends here! The Bird Explorer DIY kit paves the ground for painting, assembling, and exploring altogether. The ideal gift for creative kids. Parents, hobby centers, families, schools, and other educators can have this DIY art/ craft kit. Aptly said, Three birds with one stone, because the kit teaches bright color strokes, curiosity about birds from the ecosystem, and design creativity.

The Talking Canvas believes in fun-based learning, hence the kit improvises observation, problem solving and conception of design. Best still, it also ignites the curiosity for birds and aviation, naturally. The bird Journal designed by Green Panther Club is the cherry on the cake, as it educates kids, encourages the kids to sit, understand and write down their stories, and experiences with birds. The journal also allows downtime with over 10 activities, which is a huge concern for the parents and other stakeholders today. Besides, it helps cultivate the good habit of journaling, paving the ground for a lifelong emotional quotient. The DIY Bird Explorer kit has painting items that enhance the small artists to draw, color, and learn. The frame in the kit comes as an added bonus, the kids can frame their paintings, and have the pleasure of hands-on and a sense of fulfillment. Later the frame can be pinned anywhere as a wall hanging or showpiece. The DIY art and craft kit enhance cognitive development by assembling the parts of the cardboard and allows the parents to bond over with their kids. The assemble will encourage precision, giving the kids the eye for details. And don’t you see the possibilities of having real birds chirping in?

We, at The Talking Canvas, believe in raising empathetic smart humans, not intelligent machines!

About Us

At The Talking Canvas, our mission is to provide parents with quality experiences that enable their children to actively engage in the process of making art. We believe that the best learning experiences occur when children use their hands to create, allowing them to develop important skills while having fun.

With our range of DIY art and craft kits, children can embark on hands-on artistic adventures right from the comfort of their home. We offer a wide range of DIY art kits and art supplies that inspire imagination, foster self-expression, and promote artistic exploration. We sell our products on our website, AmazonFlipkart and First Cry.

Our art and craft kits are designed to spark and nurture creativity in children. When you purchase our products, you are investing into a concept to popularise and inspire kids to think ‘creatively’.