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Dinosaur Puppet Theatre Creative Box

Dinosaur Puppet Theatre Creative Box

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All new and exciting Dinosaur Puppet Theatre kit with 4-in-1 activities to help children learn! Dinosaur puppet theatre is the one of the best creative experiences you can bring home. It not only helps engage your child in a creative activity, it also helps them build skills like storytelling and sequencing, learning through research and builds curiosity and self-confidence. This is a perfect group activity to bring the whole family together and it will make a thoughtful gift for sure! We believe in inspiring kids by providing different canvas’s to let them create magic with patterns and colour while learning crucial life skills.

    Kit Includes

  • 6 Pre-Cut Cardboard Puppet
  • 6 Puppet Theatre Props
  • 1 Set of Theatre Stage Made of Wood
  • 6 Tubs of Paints
  • 1 Paint Brush
  • 1 Parchment Paper for Shadow Puppet Play
  • 1 Stencil Set for making your own Dino Art
  • Popsicle sticks and googly eyes
  • 1 Dinosaur Journal
  • Instruction Booklet
Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 33.52 × 23.36 × 5.8 cm
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Dinosaur Puppet Theatre

Dinosaur Puppet Theatre is an art activity which can be enjoyed by kids and parents. We have designed this creative box to build curiosity and creativity through art and storytelling.

Easy Set up : Everything required for this activity is provided, so kids just have to open the kit and start the design activity
Engaging : Kids can have fun assembling, painting, decorating and assembling the theatre as per their own imagination
Learning: Dinosaur puppet theatre will help your children understand research process as it guides them understand the world of dinosaurs in the most fun way.

Puppet Theatre

Immerse yourselves into the world of Dinosaurs with this 4-in-1 creative box. This is the first time we are creating a box which has multiple activities rolled into one kit. Dinosaur puppet theatre creative box consists of puppets, theatre, parchment paper to convert the theatre into shadow theatre, paints, brush, palette to make your own dinosaur , stencils for creative actives and a beautiful journal to research and learn more about dinosaurs. This creative box will help children with language development through live puppet theatre, enhance imagination through storytelling and sequencing.

Decorate the puppets
This creative box allows children to learn to paint, design and create personalised dinosaurs based on their research on each one. The journal will guide them to learn about each dinosaur and find out more as well. This creative box is designed to encourage visualisation, creativity and curiosity through an immersive process and it also makes a perfect gift.

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