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Madhubani Flower Painting for Kids - Lotus Theme

Madhubani Flower Painting for Kids - Lotus Theme

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The Talking Canvas Madhubani flower painting for kids is perfect for little kids to try their hands at Indian art on canvas. There are several themes available. This is a simple activity for children to colour in and create a piece of art which they can be proud of. Our safe non toxic materials will help your child get messy with their hands. It will allow them to focus on a project, relax their mind and express themselves better

    Madhubani flower Painting for Kids contains:

  • Theme Based Printed Canvas
  • 1 7-inch Easel Stand
  • 6 tubs of tempera Paints
  • 1 marker pen
  • 1 paint brush
Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 3.2 × 4.33 × 1.5 cm
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Madhubani Flower Painting for Kids

"Add a dash of fun and creativity to your child’s life by getting this beautiful Madhubani flower painting for kids. This kit contains a printed canvas with Madhubani art, easel, marker pen, paints and brush in a beautiful packaging. The kits are available in various themes and this specific kit is on the bird theme. Its important for children to experience various textures to paint and this printed guideline will make it easier for them to try something new or make a beautiful guided art. These also make the perfect return gifts for kids.

Madhubani Flower Painting for Kids – Lotus Theme

"The printed Madhubani flower painting for kids is specially crafted by the experts at The Talking Canvas to give the best of art to your child. This is a total value for money kit which will develop self expression and confidence in the child. We at Talking Canvas believe that art is about expressing oneself and gaining confidence working with different textures and mediums. The all-inclusive kit allows the child to create an artistic world on their own reinforcing confidence and the love of art.

Some benefits of stamping

Creative play – Madhubani flower painting for kids inspires children to paint within lines. It keeps them attentive for the period and helps them focus on detailing out artwork given.
Mess-free play- The Madhubani flower painting for kids provides the child mess-free time at school, in hobby classes, and with friends without mess and fuss. The creative doesn’t require adult monitoring and also facilitates downtime.
Create personalized memories- The printed Madhubani flower painting kit allows you to create timeless memories. The child can create a piece of art and proudly showcase it on the easel.
Return gifts – These printed Madhubani flower painting kits are value for money and make perfect return gifts which children can engage and feel happy about. Get children to stay away from screen time and focus on using their hands to create things."

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