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Shoe Painting Kit – DIY

Shoe Painting Kit – DIY

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An all new unique and exciting shoe painting kit for kids to make and flaunt this summer! \n \n#DIY Shoe Painting Kit is a unique DIY Art Activity Kit which encourages kids to personalise a beautifully crafted canvas shoe. These shoes are not only comfortable but they can be your own style. We believe in inspiring kids by providing different canvas's to let them create magic with patterns and colour. We have designed this activity for 5+ yr old kids. Please refer the size chart to pick the right size. No exchange option available.

    This shoe painting Kit includes:/h2>
  • 1 pair of canvas shoes
  • 1 set of stencil stickers
  • 1 roll of masking tape
  • 6 Tubs of Paints
  • 1 Brush
  • 1 Palette
  • Colour Mixing Guide
  • Instruction Booklet
Please refer the size chart below.
Weight 650 kg
Dimensions 33.52 × 23.36 × 5.8 cm
Size EU 29, EU 30, EU 31, EU 34, EU 35, EU 36, EU 37, EU 39, EU 40, EU 41
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Shoe Painting Kit

Shoe Painting is the perfect art activity to make you stand out from the crowd. This activity can be enjoyed across ages. Older children can add more details and younger ones can keep it simple with colours. Younger kids might need some help from adults.

The goal of this DIY Shoe Painting Kit for kids is to ring personalise something they can flaunt in style:

Easy Set up : Everything required for this activity is provided, so kids just have to open the kit and start the design activity
Engaging : Kids can have fun designing, painting and creating a work of art which they can use.
Gifting: Shoe Painting Kit is a perfect birthday gift or return gift for kids.

Shoe Painting Kit

The DIY Shoe Painting Kit is a creative box consisting of a beautifully crafted canvas shoe, stencil stickers to aid in the design process, masking tape to keep things tidy and painting kit! It comes win multiple sizes and its important to carefully select the right size for fit. The stickers provided can be used on the canvas to make sure the design is aesthetic. The masking tape needs to be taped in all portions where you don’t want paint to get on the shoe. This shoe painting kit improves colour mixing, design process and execution of a work of art. This is an intermediary to advance activity.

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