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Vision Board Art For Kids

Vision Board Art For Kids

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Welcome, dear parents, to a journey of self-discovery and creativity with our DIY Vision Board Art Project For Kids! Our art kit is designed with the sole purpose of helping your child understand their desires and goals and providing them with the confidence to achieve them.

    Kit Includes

  • Vision board poster (24×15 inch)
  • 1 set of notecards and post-its
  • Double Sided Tape and scotch tape
  • Origami Papers
  • Wooden Pegs
  • Jute Thread
  • 1 Marker Pen
  • Sketch pen set
  • Instruction and guidance
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Vision Board for Kids – Art Activity

Vision Board Art for Kids

Our DIY Vision Board Art Project For Kids ignites your child's curiosity and creativity by allowing them to express themselves in a visual form. Through this art project, your child will explore their innermost thoughts and feelings, desires, and aspirations. They will learn to communicate their ideas and build their self-confidence with each stroke of the paintbrush.

Our DIY Vision Board Art Project For Kids provides your child with the freedom to choose and personalize their vision board, making it an intimate reflection of their unique personality. They can choose from our wide selection of art supplies and create their masterpiece their way. This freedom of choice empowers your child and fosters a sense of responsibility towards their goals.

Our art kit is not just about creating an art piece or vision board; it's about learning to set goals, benchmarks, and strategies to achieve them. The act of creating a vision board helps your child identify what they want to achieve and align it with their values and beliefs. By breaking down their goals into achievable benchmarks, they will learn valuable life skills such as planning, organization, and decisiveness.

Visualizing their dreams and aspirations is a valuable tool for children as it helps them understand what they truly desire and build self-awareness. Our DIY Vision Board Art Project For Kids teaches your child the valuable technique of visualization, a powerful tool for success. As they create their vision board, they will visualize and imagine what they want to achieve, helping them to bring it to fruition.

Our art kit is made from high-quality materials, ensuring that your child's vision board lasts for years to come. The art supplies provide long-lasting effects, ensuring that the colors and vibrancy stay intact. As your child grows and achieves their dreams, they can look back at their vision board as a symbol of their hard work, determination, and perseverance.

Our DIY Vision Board Art Project For Kids is designed to create cherished moments of creative bonding between you and your child. As you sit together, creating vision boards side by side, your child will learn that their dreams and aspirations are valued and supported. These precious bonding moments not only strengthen your relationship but also create lifelong memories.

Our art kit is not just a creative project; it's a tool for making dreams a reality. As your child sets and achieves their goals, the sense of accomplishment and pride they will feel is a powerful and life-changing experience. Our DIY Vision Board Art Project For Kids helps your child unlock their potential, grow, and achieve their dreams.

Our DIY Vision Board Art Project For Kids is more than just any gift; it's a valuable investment in your child's future. It sets them down a path of self-discovery, growth, and accomplishment that will last a lifetime.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and creativity with our DIY Vision Board Art Project For Kids today! Together, we can help your child unlock their potential and make their dreams a reality.


Why Vision Board for Kids?

Vision boards are a great way for children to develop the habit of planning and executing for the calendar year or the academic year. Kids always have dreams and aspirations in their young minds and getting them to document it, will manifest the same in their sub conscious. Having some support to put them in an aesthetic and logical way will make them feel confident that they can achieve their dreams and aspirations. It will serve as an inspiration for them to look at everyday and make tweaks and edits as they go along.

Our vision board for kids activity kit comes with everything needed to provide children and their parents guidance on creating the vision board. Play some light and happy music in the background, open the box and go through the instructions and prompts. This is a mindful activity and it’s important that children spend time on it. We have included everything we could think of into this kit to make it easy for you. You don’t have to go looking for supplies! Everything is included including stickers to make it fun!

Below mentioned are proven bright sides of vision boarding:

Provides an image of the future as inspiration
Encourages creativity and self expression
Promotes the importance of focus and effort
Boosts happy hormones in the brain
Gain self-confidence
Provides a space to dream big
Encourages socialization and friendship
Endorses downtime with family
Bearing in mind the tender age, we have put together the best vision board to help you and your child achieve everything for the year.

Our unique vision board
We believe in making learning fun and happy for kids. Creating an environment eliciting the understanding of a process instead of telling boring instructions! Experimental researches indicate that children learn best through art. The vision board for kids kit has proven exemplary in grabbing the attention span of young kids. Moreover, group activity has pedagogical value and reinforces the ideas forever. Hence we have designed the vision board bearing in mind the importance of family time.

How to make the vision board?
We have made it really easy by giving prompts for children to answer key questions to make the vision board. Our guide will help you and your child make the perfect vision board and all the things that come with the box will aid in making it look aesthetically pleasing.

Customer Reviews

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Amrita Kamat
Creative Visual motivation

I gifted this to a 10yo and I hear she is using it to build her "mantra" for 2024. I absolutely think these boards are great for both children and adults. A great end of year exercise to plan the coming year. The designs are visually appealing and make for artwork that anyone will be proud to display. It also helps to keep us working towards our goals.

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